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Soul Circle for Kids & Teens

Soul Circle for Kids & Teens

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Pricing available on request.​

Kids and Teens need space for balance, calm and connection. The rise of technology and social media means that young people need tools and practices that teach them how to look inwards. In Soul Circle they will learn how to be their own source of confidence, creativity and validation. 

These sessions provide the space for young people to calm their minds and regulate their nervous system in an engaging way through:

- Yoga Asana (poses)

- Pranayama (breathing exercises)

- Sadhana (self awareness)

- Sangha (community)

- Yoga Themes & Games

- Yogic Philosophy 

- Dance!

Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness for Younger Humans:

1. Helps manage stress and anxiety

2. Increases memory, focus and coordination

3. Promotes positive body image and self esteem

4. Increases strength, balance and flexibility

5. Teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity

6. Shows them how to build faith in themselves

This is available as: a Weekly Session, 4 Week Program, Workshop or After School Programme

As someone who went through grief and loss at an early age, I know the importance and impact of having wellness tools. Knowing how to self soothe, find calm and manage difficult emotions is something that grows with you into adulthood. This is what I needed as a child and it's my mission to get it out to as many Kids and Teens as possible.

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