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SHE HAS RISEN. (Blogs are back!)

Welcome to my online journal. It's official, blogs have been resurrected and I am buzzing. This will be the barbie dreamhouse of my life musings, spiritual experiences and cosmic thoughts. I currently have five-ish journals on rotation so it only seems fair to put one online. As a teen I was obsessed with magazines. I would spend all of my money on them and read them cover to cover as many times as possible until the next issue was out; print was my bible. During peak blog era, I myself, was the proud owner of a fashion and lifestyle blog and my dream job was to be a writer for a magazine, Ireland's answer to Carrie Bradshaw if you will. Can you imagine if Sex and the City was set in Dublin!? I envision the protagonist being called Kerry (obviously!) and Jenny Keane being the inspiration for a modern day Samantha. Instead of writing for the Irish Times, Kerry would be a dating coach gaining virality on tiktok for sharing her Dublin dating disasters. Charlotte's story would be centered around her Southside search for a husband and Miranda's would be a tale of woe: the woman on a 100K salary with a pipeline dream of becoming a homeowner. This thought train must end here before I get Carrie'd away...

As someone who expresses themselves better on paper, I am living for the Blog Era to be back and on her Renaissance World Tour. What makes this the Ultimate It Girl of creative content is that you can literally look like you've been dragged through a bush backwards and the online world is none the wiser. I can't begin to explain how epic this is, because: one, my writing skills are rusty as hell and two, my brain now thinks in memes, not words.

Back to my website...

I have edited the copy on many many times because I feel like it never fully or wholeheartedly encapsulates the work I do. My website is like a glossy and highly edited presentation. My blog on the other hand is an extension of my heart: messy, dramatic, intricate, in a constant battle with my mind and desperate to express itself. This is a confetti explosion of my life experiences and a documentation of what's going on within wellness and spirituality; a global industry currently worth 4.4 trillion dollars. It has people sprinting towards a phantom ideal that doesn't exist with a matcha latte in their hand and a crystal in their bra. (No shade, as I am someone who also enjoys a matcha latte and puts the occasional rose quartz in my bra too because you know... vibes).

It all comes down to this: there is nothing to fix, there is nothing that is broken. The industry will try and sell you a magic potion but the magic is really within you.


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