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Your Soul Knows the Way

I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of magic. I spent most of my childhood getting lost in fictional worlds that existed on book pages and within Disney VHS tapes (this shows my age!) Reality slapped the last fragments of magic right out of me when I was nine and I put my rose tinted glasses into early retirement. After a couple of years of being my own worst enemy, getting fired from my “dream” job and feeling like the Universe had a vendetta against me I decided that something had to change. When I launched myself into a journey of self discovery and greater understanding, I was not prepared for what it would bring up along the way (think Snow White fleeing through the forest as she runs from the Huntsman). I spent many years searching for some semblance of magic; not realising that what I had been seeking was within me all along.

Most of the work I do is in reminding people of what’s already inside of them and creating environments where they can explore this deep inner connection. My first flirtation with modern day magic was when I was introduced to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This whole idea of "thoughts becoming things" sent my OCD and mental health into overdrive, something many "gurus" don't talk about. New Age Belief systems lead many to think that they can list their demands into the Universe or to a Higher Power and sit back while it gets delivered. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The thought is like a seed but there has to be some kind of action taken in order for anything to truly bloom. Everyone has a unique dharma, this is the Soul’s purpose to fulfil in this lifetime. If we all sat back and looked to God as our Sugar Daddy, we would become apathetic, unmotivated and disinterested in life. Shakespeare states that “all the world’s a stage”. Think of human beings as the actors, the soul as director and God as the creator. We have been brought here in this lifetime to play our part and given the power to cast ourselves into any role we desire. When the story becomes worn out, throw in a plot twist or exit stage left and write a new script.

For many years I felt like life was happening to me and I had no control over any of it. I felt like a victim of my circumstances and a prisoner to my mind. I lived by the perception of life that I had been taught and didn’t have the awareness to question it. The fictional monsters I’d been afraid of became real and manifested themselves in the form of anxiety, depression and OCD. If my passion for life was the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, I was down to the very last petal. I didn’t want to die but I didn’t want to keep waking up to the same life that I was living.

In a technology driven society where our focus is on what’s happening around us instead of what’s going on within, the relationship we have to ourselves is more important than ever. Humans need connection. Humans need to be reminded that true magic is in the extraordinary ability to just be yourself. Everyone has a Soul or Spiritual Self within; you can call this the Self, Higherself, Innerself, a fragment of God, unconditional love, consciousness, whatever resonates. It’s the individual expression of the universal life force. It’s how we are all one and connected. If you are reading this, you are alive. This life force is animating you, it’s animating me and it breathes life into all of existence. It’s there to support and guide you when you are ready to connect. It’s like a best friend that never gets tired of your toxic bullshit and doesn’t look for anything in return. It’s easy to look outwards to others when we lack clarity on what to do next. In fact sometimes it’s necessary to seek support and guidance from others. However, when it comes to what you need to do next within your own life your soul knows the way.


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